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iPhone 11 Problems Green Status Message and How to Fix

iPhone 11 Problems Green Status Message and How to Fix

iPhone 11 Problems Green Status Message and How to Fix - iPhone 11 problem while set up iPhone 11 Pro had green status message so learn more iPhone 11 Max Pro problems and how to solve tutorial here.

iPhone 11 Problems Green Status Message and How to Fix

iPhone 11 Problems and How to Fix
iPhone 11 problem can't be activated the display list an alert says the iPhone 11 activation server is unavailable. Another user's had the iPhone 11 Pro SIM card is unsupported. Another iPhone 11 pro Max setting up problem on iOS 13 Status Message error.

iPhone 11 Problems and How to Fix

Various iPhone 11 problems collections from many users report problems connecting their peripherals via Bluetooth while Set Up iPhone 11 Pro Max From Old iPhone in automatic set up iOS 13 to transfer data.

When you had the same problems Bluetooth issues connecting, connecting in the car, and holding a connection after initially connecting iOS 13, here how to fix:
>Turn off Bluetooth both of your device, then on one by one then pair again.

Hope solved your iPhone 11 on iOS 13 Bluetooth issues.

Several iPhone 11 owner's reports that iPhone 11 wireless charging problem, not connecting to charge.
He Said : "iPhone 11 Pro Max won’t charge wirelessly"

There iPhone 11 features stop charging to 80% supposed to help with battery life, so you never worried abut it.

If you need manual charging not use the new features You able to turn off it features manually go to Settings / Battery / Battery Health and switch off Optimized Battery Charging.

iPhone 11 Green Screen Status Message
Set up error can't be activated alert Status Message activation server is unavailable. Check here iPhone 11 Status message iOS 13 system status update and set up:
iOS 13 Status message

Green Circle iOS System Status is Available


App Store : available
Global Service Exchange : available
iWork for iCloud : available
Apple Arcade : available
iCloud Account & Sign In : available
Mac App Store : available
Apple Books : available
iCloud Backup : available
macOS Software Update : available
Apple Business Manager : available
iCloud Bookmarks & Tabs : available
Mail Drop : available
Apple ID : available
iCloud Calendar : available
Maps Display : available
Apple Music : available
iCloud Contacts : available
Maps Routing & Navigation : available
Apple Music Subscriptions : available
iCloud Drive : available
Maps Search : available
Apple Online Store : available
iCloud Keychain : available
Maps Traffic : available
Apple Pay : available
iCloud Mail : available
News : available
Apple School Manager : available
iCloud Notes : available
Photos : available
Apple TV Channels : available
iCloud Reminders : available
Radio : available
Apple TV+ : available
iCloud Storage Upgrades : available
Schoolwork : available
Beats 1 : available
iCloud Web Apps (iCloud.com) : available
Screen Time : available
Device Enrollment Program : available
iMessage : available
Sign in with Apple : available
Dictation : available
iOS Device Activation : available
Siri : available
Documents in the Cloud : available
iTunes in the Cloud : available
Spotlight suggestions : available
FaceTime : available
iTunes Match : available
Volume Purchase Program : available
Find My : available
iTunes Store : available
Walkie-Talkie : available
Game Center : available
iTunes U : available
Check your new iOS device update that ensure the list is Green.

How to fix iPhone 11 Battery Problem

The new iPhone 11 update iOS 13.3 get battery problem fast drain noticed. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and after the update my battery drains very quick, and overheating the phone.

The update iOS 13 need many component to setting up, big file transfer on this process, so if you want to update the latest iOS, we suggest do in a high data transmitter such a wireless hot spot and ensure fully charged battery.

Issue that iPhone 11 fast charging can make your phone very hot.
Solutions is no, wireless charging and wired fast charging does not bad battery life. the warm procedure is same natural when move the energy make some effect, like when you eat.

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