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Set Up iPhone 8 for The First Time

Set Up iPhone 8 for The First Time

Set Up iPhone 8
Set Up iPhone 8 for The First Time - Unboxing and assembling your new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus, turn it on and set up for the first time by read our guide and instruction with tutorial tips and tricks from beginner's to master to optimize and get the best settings your iPhone 8.

Set Up iPhone 8 for The First Time

When you got new iPhone and open up the box (some box contents may vary), finally manage to get your hands on, here's what you will get when buy iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus:
  • 1 x iPhone 8 device
  • 1 x Information pack with SIM removal tool attached
  • 1 x Lightning USB cable
  • 1 x Mains plug adaptor
  • 1 x EarPods with in-line remote
  • 1 x Lightning to 3.5mm jack adaptor

Assembly iPhone 8

Let get started to use iPhone 8, but set up first. To insert the nano-SIM, you need to first find the SIM removal tool. Remove the handset from the box, and then lift the phone tray out along with the pack of documents. Open the pack and attached to the inside is a small metal ring with a spike on. This is the SIM removal tool and is used to eject the SIM card tray.

Find the SIM card tray, halfway down the right hand side of the iPhone 8 a small pin hole. Push the SIM removal tool into this hole and a small tray will pop out. Put your nano-SIM card into this tray, making sure that it is orientated correctly, and with the gold contacts facing down. You may need to speak to your mobile network to get a PAC code to transfer an existing number over on to this new nano-SIM card. Slide it back into the iPhone to complete the process.

Set up your iPhone for the first time

To begin the setup iPhone 8, make sure you have inserted the SIM card into the phone. You do not need to connect your new iPhone to your computer, as long as you have an internet connection available for activation.

You can go back one page in the setup screen by tapping the Back arrow in the top left-hand corner of each screen. To move forward to the next screen, tap the Next button in the top right-hand corner.

How to tun on iPhone 8?

Lets get started by pressing the iPhone 8 power button on the right-hand edge of your new iPhone to turn it on. You may need to hold it in for a second or so until you feel a vibration, which means the phone is starting up:
Set Up iPhone 8 for The First Time

How to set up iPhone 8?

Push the Home button to begin the setup wizard.

Select your language - English is at the top of the list to make it easy to find, but if you wish to use a different language just scroll down until you find the one you need, then tap on it to select.

Select your country - United Kingdom is at the top of the list for easy selection, but if you are elsewhere in the world choose the most appropriate option for your location.

You will need to connect your iPhone 8 to the internet to activate it. This is easily achieved by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Find the name of your network in the list, and tap on it to select it.

Enter the wireless password (this may be shown on your router, and might be called the WPA key, WEP key, or wireless passphrase) and tap Join. The iPhone will show that you are connected, and a Wi-Fi symbol appears on the notifications bar at the top of the screen. The iPhone will now activate with Apple automatically, and when that has completed the next screen will appear. This can take several minutes!

Choose whether to enable Location services by tapping on the appropriate line. Location services help with mapping, weather apps, etc, all of which need to know where you are.

You will then be asked about setting up Touch ID, which is Apple's name for its fingerprint recognition system, allowing you to use your fingerprint in place of your passcode or password. To set up Touch ID, place a finger or thumb on the home button (but don't press it!) as instructed on screen. To skip this, tap Set Up Touch ID Later.

If you're setting up Touch ID, the screen will guide you through the steps required. Due to the way the screenshots we're illustrating this guide with are taken, we can't show you the screens relating to the Touch ID setup, but we can tell you how to do it! Place your finger onto the home button, lifting it off and replacing it as requested. When the iPhone has successfully scanned your fingerprint, you will be asked to move your finger to allow the edges of your print to be scanned as well. When your fingerprint is fully scanned, you will see a screen telling you that Touch ID is ready. Tap Continue.

You will then be asked about setting up a Passcode to secure your iPhone 8. If you've set up Touch ID you will have to use a Passcode, in case you are unable to use your fingerprint to unlock your handset for any reason. Securing your data is always a good idea, and the iPhone 8 gives you several options. Tap Passcode options to choose your lock method.

You can set a Custom Alphanumeric Code (which is a password using letters and numbers), a Custom Numeric Code (numbers only, but as many digits as you like!) or a 4-digit Numeric Code (a good old-fashioned PIN!). If you didn't set up Touch ID you will also have an option to Don't Add Passcode. Tap your chosen security option to select it.

In our example we're setting a 4-digit Numeric Code, but all passcode options set up in the same way. Enter your chosen Passcode using the onscreen keyboard.

Confirm your Passcode by entering it again. If the entered Passcodes don't match, you'll be asked to do it again! If they do match, you will go on to the next screen automatically.

At this point in the setup iPhone 8 you will be asked about Apps & Data. If you have been using an iPhone and are upgrading to the iPhone 8, you can restore all of your Apps & Data quickly and easily from an iCloud or iTunes backup by selecting that option on the phone.

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If this is your first iPhone you will want to set it up as new, but if you are moving from Android to iPhone you can transfer much of your data by selecting that option on screen. Stay update to the next post, keep with us iphoneuseguides.com.